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I have read over 1000 books over the past few years. Cowboys and Alpha males are weakness but I'll read any in the name of romance. I have written over 400 reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. My reviewer rank on Amazon is around 7000. I also have over 3700 facebook friends and 550 on Goodreads and over 100 Twitter followers. I love to share feedback on books to anyone who will listen or read. I also write reviews for Gulity Pleasures Book Reviews. We have over 6000 likes on Facebook.


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To Tame A Countess

Because sometimes even good girls need a spanking!

I loved the second book, How to Tame a Countess #2 in the Spanking series. As with the first book, our leading man, The Earl of Warren must marry Lady Maitland so she viewed well in society. That her image hasn't been tarnished because of a indiscretion. You must also ...

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Safeword: Matte

This is my favorite kind of kink

I love this story and was immediately drawn into Ethan and Sam 's world. Candice does a great job writing strong women and even stronger men. The story takes place over a short period of time but I never felt that the characters rushed into a relationship. I loved watching ...

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Club Mephisto

Best read with an open mind.

This book isn't for everyone but I love reading about TPE relationships. I have read the other 2 books in the series and thrilled to read Molly's POV. Some people have the need to serve in any capacity. After years of wandering she has finally found what she feels is ...

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Pleasure Point

It's a kinky Fantasy Island

I like second chance love books and Pleasure Point doesn't disappoint. I liked both Miranda and Roan. Both are dealing with pain from losing their loves but they are ready to move on. Initially they are together because of their kink but they find quickly that they want to share ...

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Ink Deep

Don't forget your tissues

This isn't my typical read but I'm so glad I read this. This is a beautiful love story. While the author warned us what we are about to read I wasn't prepared for the their story. I loved the relationship between Corbin and Briony. He was able to see her ...

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In Her Closet

Good book but not what i was expecting

I enjoyed In Her Closet. The book was very entertaining and I had a hard time setting it down. In the beginning it was refreshing to see Yves a young woman so in charge of herself and sex life. You soon find how she became so jaded. That being said, ...

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In The Now (In The Moments #2)

Its a good read

I liked the story of Adam and Tara. It was a well written new adult novel, as well as friends to lovers scenario. While I enjoyed In The Now, I thought it was rather flat. A bit too vanilla. One of my peeves in books is too much drama but ...

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Not your typical dark romance novel

I loved this take on a dark romance novel. This author did a good job with both the drama and suspense. It held twists and unexpected turns that captured and held my attention. I thought both main characters were written perfectly. Silver was one determined women. I loved the fight ...

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Her Big Sky Cowboy

A cute cowboy read

I liked the story between Trinty and Zane. The author did a good job drawing the reader into the story. Zane is your typical emotionally wounded cowboy who must raise his brothers son Finn, after a tragic accident . The two must work together to build a family. Trinty is ...

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My Naughty Minette

I loved reading how a little girls fantasy finally becomes her reality. We finally get to read about Minette and the love of her life August

Our Lady is labeled as a a naughty child, but I found her truly adorable. She was sweet and caring, kind and thoughtful. She wanted nothing more than to please her spouse and his family. I loved her persistence nature. She has proven that should is a strong female lead ...

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The Cowboy

I liked this version of a city girl who finds her cowboy.

The author does a good job drawing the reader into Jake and Corina's world. Jake is in danger of losing his ranch and Corina is the perfect woman to try and save it. I thought Jake was a real sweetie. The ranch was short on amenities but Jake went out ...

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Under A Duke's Hand

This was a bittersweet read for me. Under A Duke's Hand was my favorite in the Properly Spanked series but it was also the last. For now......

I loved being transported into the past for a few hours while I read the story between Aiden and Guinevere. These are two headstrong and stubborn characters who are brought together by duty and circumstance. I loved their carefree first meeting. There were no preconceptions or ideas. Just two young ...

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Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

Who knew the world of chess could be so exciting! I loved this book from the beginning to the end.

I'm a huge Molly (Annabel ) Joseph fan and was excited to see her start a new series. Pawn is the beginning of her bodyguard series and while it's tough to keep track of new series this is one you don't want to miss. Sam Knight is the bodyguard that ...

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Maid for the Rock Star

Not my cuppa but it my be yours

I liked the premise of the book but to me it failed to deliver. I have a hard time when a man tells a women how much he wants her and has an insta love with her when he's getting a blow job from someone else. He does this infront ...

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It's Never Over

I liked this second chance of romance novel.

Cax and Axel found their way back to each other after being separated for years. Axel knew that Cax was the one but it took Cax a bit longer to get on bored. Cax does have a lot to deal with though. Due to his tough upbringing, he's trying to ...

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I like the premise but it fell short for me

It started out so well. I love age gap romance between Holly and Nick. I also liked the May December angle of our main characters. My issue with the book is that Nick was pining for Holly for years. He finally captures her attention despite her best efforts to keep ...

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Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

Torment Me is a kinkier version of FSoG.....and I loved every reading every page in this book

It's a good thing this book is broken down into three parts....I don't think I could read their entire story in one book. Some chapter were difficult to read. This story had me on an emotional rollercoaster. Chere, our female lead, has been in a troubled relationship and a demanding ...

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Taunt Me (Rough Love Part Two)

We have name and it fits him to a T.

In Taunt me we find out exactly who our kinky hero is. I love that he's kept himself hidden, especially his name. It added to his mystic and his mind games with Chere. I found the reveal of his name, and the name itself, more exciting then Carrie finding out ...

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Trust Me

Price is a sadist and isn't shy about teaching Chere his lessons.

Trust Me is the final book of Price and Chere's journey . This couple has gone through a lot since we first met them in their hotel room. They been plaqued with jealously, anger, and insecurity all while trying to find the perfect balance of Trust in their relationship. The ...

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Diva (Ironclad Bodyguards)

Good addition to the series

I liked this age gap romance between Ransom , our uptight bodyguard and Lola, the Diva. This couple had a difficult and challenging start. They started as enemies and had a hard time moving to the friend zone. Despite their lack of friendship the couple had an underlying sexual chemistry ...

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Dark Control

Because sometimes giving up control for is the on my thing that you can do.

Once again Annabel Joseph tests our limits. The book isn't for the faint of heart. We are brought into a BDSM world that doesn't have safe words. It's based on non-consent consent and I was a bit terrified while reading. Fort needs something darker. He looks his submissive or partners ...

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