Because sometimes giving up control for is the on my thing that you can do.

Once again Annabel Joseph tests our limits. The book isn't for the faint of heart. We are brought into a BDSM world that doesn't have safe words. It's based on non-consent consent and I was a bit terrified while reading.

Fort needs something darker. He looks his submissive or partners to give up all control, play with no safe words and no escape from his torment.
Juliet stumbles into his world and is willing to play by his rules. Besides his rules of no safe words, Fort makes it known that he's not looking for a relationship or to fall in love.
Juliet is strong than she realizes and the trust that Fort has earned quickly turns to love.

I, like Juliet, was in a conundrum. I wasn't sure if I wanted Fort to continue or stop his torture. I was fascinated with their power exchange. Juliet ended up being stronger than I would have been given the situation Fort put her in. .She was endured Fort and his level of play and knew her worth.

Despite Fort's persistence that he won't fall in love or be in a relationship the pair found trust along with love. After a lapse in judgment Fort realized his error and Juliet is willing to try again.

We're introduced to a few of Fort's friends who are equally as demanding and charming. I can't wait to see what's in store with the rest of the series