Dark Control

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And she has done it again!

review by Hulubulu

This is another well written book by Annabel Joseph! The story of Juliet and Fort is a mix of male and female POV, which I love. It is nice to follow in both of their mixed feelings as the books progresses. It is easy to like them and it is ...

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1st in a new, amazing Annabl Joseph series

review by Aly_Megeara

I love reading Annabel Joseph for all the crazy emotions she make me feel... and for the really crazy sex. This book is about Juliet, business manager to temperamental artist, and Fort, business man and hire to a million dollar business. They're first meeting isn't that auspicious: Fort rescues a ...

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Cat and Mouse with a Sadist and a Masochist

review by dgood3347@rogers.com

I forgot how utterly amazing Annabel's books are! She has upped the game in this story, and has taken all that is so appealing about her writing, and evolved her imagination into the stratosphere. Seriously, if you like mature adults, confused adults, creative adults, determined adults, or serious adults, there ...

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Because sometimes giving up control for is the on my thing that you can do.

review by paigeturner1000

Once again Annabel Joseph tests our limits. The book isn't for the faint of heart. We are brought into a BDSM world that doesn't have safe words. It's based on non-consent consent and I was a bit terrified while reading. Fort needs something darker. He looks his submissive or partners ...

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Annabel Joseph Does It Again!

review by mhscottlewis

Dark Control delivers! Once again, Annabel Joseph has woven a story with complex characters dealing with personal challenges. Fair warning, this may not be the novel for everyone. The book deals with the dark subject of a true power exchange in a consenting S&M union. Joseph is adept at developing ...

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Steamy Explorations of BDSM Dynamics

review by MPBooks

Fort St. Clair meets Juliet outside a BDSM club, drunk and almost incoherent, and despite his typical unwillingness to get involved, takes pity on her. Juliet wakes up the next morning cuffed to Fort's bed, and despite her initial misgivings, finds herself attracted to her reluctant savior. As a sexual ...

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Dark Control by Annabel Joseph

review by michellemcginty@btinternet.com

Dark Control - No one writes BDSM like Annabel Joseph you get real hard core scenes, no slap-and-tickle- BS here. This is the story between Forsyth (Fort) St. Clair a wealthy, handsome, sadistic playboy and Juliet (Sparkles) a down to earth submissive who wears her heart on her sleeve. Fort ...

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Erotic and sexy but it's also heartbreaking and soul searching

review by missalicia2013

I received an ARC from novelreviewers.com in exchange for an honest review. Juliet/Jules plays/d in small baby pool bdsm. When Fort met her he knew he was going to break all his rules because he had to have her. Fort swims in the biggest pool of bdsm there is and ...

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So Much Love for Dark Control

review by ksanchez

I love love love love Annabel Joseph. I love that her books never let me down, and Dark Control is no different. What can I tell you that won't ruin the whole experience? Is it dark as the title would imply? Possibly. Maybe if you're unfarmiliar with any of Joseph's ...

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review by lisa-ann@mail.com

Dark Control was shocking in the best of ways! I love when a book draws you in and allows you to feel and experience exactly what the characters feel and experience. Dark Control does that, and more. Annabelle Joseph's writing style is amazing! I'm excited for the next book. This ...

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Oh so deliciously hot with a side of pain

review by TheBookMadame

Anytime I read a new Annabel Joseph book, I always wonder, and get excited, about the characters we're going to meet and fall in love with. Fort and Juliet's story does not disappoint. Fort has moments when he is almost too intense for me but oh my goodness are the ...

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review by kmeren

I'm always a fan of annabel Joseph and dark control was no different. Loved every minute of this thrilling, steamy ride & can't wait to meet more of her tortured heros.

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Donna L

review by DonnaLouiseCarr1956

5.0 out of 5 starsA Must Read ByDonna Lon October 20, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition No one writes books about BDSM like Annabel Joseph and Dark Control ticked all the right boxes.Its dark,riveting with elements of non-consensual sex,dominance and humiliation. Nothing about this book reads easy.The circumstances are as disturbing ...

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Another Winner

review by IllustriousIllusions

I can't go wrong when I pick up a book from Annabel Joseph! She knows and understands the BDSM she writes. Dark Control is not your typical romance, but Ms. Joseph manages to incorporate some pretty sadistic scenes and make them romantic!

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BDSM well written

review by rubyjuls

What happens when a sub who enjoys the lighter side of BDSM and is pretty set on getting out of the lifestyle stumbles onto a Dom who is a sadist and enjoys dab,I guess in consensual non-consent? You get an intense and emotional story that will leave you in turns ...

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