Because sometimes even good girls need a spanking!

I loved the second book, How to Tame a Countess #2 in the Spanking series.
As with the first book, our leading man, The Earl of Warren must marry Lady Maitland so she viewed well in society. That her image hasn't been tarnished because of a indiscretion.
You must also remember when reading this that it's written from a historical perspective. There were several eye rolls while reading this. The poor Lady Maitland had to struggle so hard for her voice. I was cheering for her through out the book. It seemed like she had a challenging beginning. It's like putting a square peg in a round hole.

I do love how Warren and Townsend make no excuse for their kink with their wife. It's the norm for each. As is their ability to buckle down and proof that they are the best man for their partners. They are other to love and support.

Minette, Warren's sister, was a true delight! I love her constant chatting and her naivety. She definitely needs a spanking