Good book but not what i was expecting

I enjoyed In Her Closet. The book was very entertaining and I had a hard time setting it down. In the beginning it was refreshing to see Yves a young woman so in charge of herself and sex life. You soon find how she became so jaded.
That being said, based on the book blurb, I didn't anticipate certain storylines. This book contains mental and physical abuse. It was difficult to read since I wasn't expecting it. If this is a hard limit I wouldn't recommend reading it.
Also, while the book deals with some aspects of BDSM, I wouldn't put it in that genre. This was only touched upon towards the end of the book. It wasn't all that kinky.
I liked both most characters in the book. While I think some deserved a good shaking.
I was a bit disappointed that certain storylines were glossed over. I would have loved to read more about her parents and Julian.

Lastly this is part of a trilogy. It's interesting enough that I'll be reading part two.