Price is a sadist and isn't shy about teaching Chere his lessons.

Trust Me is the final book of Price and Chere's journey . This couple has gone through a lot since we first met them in their hotel room.
They been plaqued with jealously, anger, and insecurity all while trying to find the perfect balance of Trust in their relationship.

The pair is slowly trying to gain trust with each other by entering a Master / slave dynamic. Several lessons that Price taught Chere had me cringing. I had to set my book down several times for a breather.

The mind games played on each other were just as intense as the hours in their Dungeon. The games played proved that they each needed to work on themselves before they could give themselves freely to each other.

As with the previous books there is no shortage of kinky sex . Both consensual and non-consensual sex. While these might not be for everyone, I love getting glimpse of their bedroom activities. Especially the breathe play that Price fond of.

Price and Chere struggled but in the end they managed to find their happy ever after. I enjoyed reading about their journey