Trust Me

Author: Annabel Joseph

Publisher: Scarlet Rose Press

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It’s been three years since they first met, and Chere is finally where she wants to be: in Price’s dungeon.

Well, she’s in his dungeon part of the time. The rest of the time, she’s living in his home, eating his food, sleeping in his bed, reading his books, wearing his—well, no, he won’t let her wear anything. In fact, there are a lot of things he doesn’t allow, more than she ever imagined in her torrid fantasies. Life under Price’s control is an adjustment, and sometimes a nightmare.

It’s not long before she realizes she’s in way over her head…

Note: This book is super rough. There’s love, but it’s rough. Hence, Rough Love series. This full-length novel is the final book in a three-part storyline that culminates in Happily Ever After. But, full disclosure, this is the roughest part of the ride.


“You like it here?” I whispered.
I’d barely given her time to look around the room, but it was a classic luxury hotel room, corner, upper floor. I undressed her, being too careless and too rough. I felt something rip, but she didn’t stop me or complain. We’d have it repaired later. I needed to be inside her. She tugged at my buttons, helping me take off my shirt. I yanked down my pants and pressed her to the wall with my aching, erect cock trapped between us.
She made excited little sounds, struggling against me. I reached for her neck and gripped it hard, and almost, almost choked her out, but this wasn’t the place to do it, where she might fall and hurt herself. With a frustrated growl, I released her neck and dragged her toward the bed.
She fought in earnest now. I mean, anyone would fight in her position, with some brute trying to take away her air, especially when that brute was responsible for the lingering bruises on her ass and legs. She pulled away from me and tried to crawl across the bed. I fell on top of her and wrestled her onto her back.
“You’re mine,” I said, grabbing her neck again. “Submit.”
She shook her head, holding my gaze. She wasn’t disputing that she was mine; if she could have talked, she would have agreed with me. No, she just didn’t want me to choke her. Her fingers clawed at my chest. With my other hand, I yanked one of her legs up and positioned myself between her thighs. If she really didn’t want me to choke her, she should have laid still. Her squirming and panic inflamed my deepest lusts. I kissed her full lips and thrust into her wet, clenching pussy, never releasing my grip on her neck.
Her enveloping heat almost undid me. I jammed myself inside her to the hilt. “Look at me,” I said. “Who do you belong to?”
“You,” she rasped.
My hand tightened on her neck. She tried to pull my fingers away but I subdued her with a soft warning. “Don’t fight me. Don’t be afraid.”
I can’t explain why I had to choke her out every once in a while. I was careful. I knew how to do it so she’d be safe, but I knew she didn’t like it, especially when I was actively fucking her. Maybe that was why I did it, to exert more control, the ultimate control. I have your life. I have your breath.
I put a finger over her pulse, exerted the necessary pressure, and watched her eyes flutter closed. Her body went slack beneath mine, her hands falling away from their death grip on my wrist. My princess, my Sleeping Beauty, out for a few seconds rather than a hundred years. I gathered her close and thrust deep so I’d be all the way inside her when she came to. She awoke with a weak, keening sound.
I cradled her against me and gentled my thrusts. “There you are,” I said. “I have you. I’m inside you.”
“Don’t...again...” she pleaded.
I hushed her. I wouldn’t do it again, but she wasn’t allowed to give orders either. I kissed her and squeezed her ass, still sore from her punishment a few days earlier. So many cruelties. I’d warned her before she came to stay with me. Now I couldn’t let her go.
“Does that feel good, baby?” I asked as she moved her hips against mine. “You want it harder? Deeper?”
“I want you to hurt me.” She clung to my shoulders. “Please, take me there...”
There. That mysterious place where both of us discarded self-preservation and inhibition and lost ourselves in the fuck. It was never hard for us to get there. Now that she seemed stronger and more lucid, I held her down and drove inside her, shuddering at the exquisite sensations in my cock, in my balls as they banged against her. She struggled against my control, reaching for her own pleasure.
I let her take it, whatever she could get. We fucked so hard we moved the bed. I could hear it scraping across the floor, but that only heightened the intensity of her surrender—and mine.

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