We have name and it fits him to a T.

In Taunt me we find out exactly who our kinky hero is. I love that he's kept himself hidden, especially his name. It added to his mystic and his mind games with Chere. I found the reveal of his name, and the name itself, more exciting then Carrie finding out Mr. Big's name, in Sex and the City. It drips pretentiousness.

As we read in Torment Me, "W" is a Dominant/Sadist. He is still very much so in Taunt me but seems frazzled. At times he's like little boy who can't have his cake. There were a few instances that I could see him stomping his feet and holding his breath because he didn't get what he wanted. I love reading his internal struggles. Trying to figure out his emotions and feelings towards Chere.

I love the strength and determination in Chere. The growth she's made over the past 2 1/2 years. She is coming into her own. Unfortunately, she has one weakness, "W". She is struggling with the want and need of him. My heart ached for her. I wanted her to run away but at the same time I wanted her to run to him.

Despite them being apart longer then they were together, there is such a strong dynamic between the pair. He is longing for her submission and she struggles to give into him and his needs. It's every struggle in a relationship...how much do you submit to the other person ? How much control do they have over you?

As with Torment me we get duel POV's. You can rest assured that you know what our kinky hero is thinking. He may be a bit scare but like Chere, I would be running towards him as well.

I am definitely anxious and looking forward to read the read if their story.