This was a bittersweet read for me. Under A Duke's Hand was my favorite in the Properly Spanked series but it was also the last. For now......

I loved being transported into the past for a few hours while I read the story between Aiden and Guinevere. These are two headstrong and stubborn characters who are brought together by duty and circumstance.

I loved their carefree first meeting. There were no preconceptions or ideas. Just two young adults looking for a bit of fun in the meadow. The connection that they shared was instant and helped paved the way for them to explore each other as man and wife.

Unfortunately, this didn't last long as the Duke couldn't stop his haughty ways. He couldn't stop judging his new wife. She was less then and he often voiced his disapproval with her. Gwen tried but she was not born in his class. Plus, the young wife was looking for love in her arranged marriage.

While they are trying to make their marriage work in the eyes of the King and the Ton, they had no trouble behind closed doors. I liked the kinky side of the Duke and his Duchess. The pair are able to use this to help them find their forever.