I loved reading how a little girls fantasy finally becomes her reality. We finally get to read about Minette and the love of her life August

Our Lady is labeled as a a naughty child, but I found her truly adorable. She was sweet and caring, kind and thoughtful. She wanted nothing more than to please her spouse and his family. I loved her persistence nature. She has proven that should is a strong female lead that won't take no for an answer.

Then, there is Lord August . He doesn't realize what a true delight Minette is. He still sees her as a child instead of the beautiful woman she has become. While I do believe he found his feelings for her challenging in the beginning, I wish he would have broken down his barrier long before he did.
Thank goodness Minette was able to deal with this brooding male. I think I may have kicked him to the curb.

I was also thrilled Warren in the book. He is such a wonderful brother. The one thing he desperately wants is his sister's happiness. He won't stop until he can ensure that August will make this happen.

While I enjoyed the book I was getting frustrated with August. I know this union wasn't his first choice, but like Warren, I only wish for Minettes happiness.