Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

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Who knew the world of chess could be so exciting! I loved this book from the beginning to the end.

review by paigeturner1000

I'm a huge Molly (Annabel ) Joseph fan and was excited to see her start a new series. Pawn is the beginning of her bodyguard series and while it's tough to keep track of new series this is one you don't want to miss. Sam Knight is the bodyguard that ...

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4 - Courage is grace under pressure. Stars!

review by ClaireRobinson

4 - <b><i>Courage is grace under pressure.</i></b> Stars! <i>Pawn</i> is the first book in the <i>Ironclad Bodyguards</i> Series, it is also the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from this author. With an intriguing synopsis and interesting characters I found myself absorbed in the world of professional ...

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Check and mate!

review by wheeldav

Grace is a Grand Master of Chess. Sam is her close bodyguard. Flickers of a fire start almost immediately. This was a fun read, especially for someone who loves the game of chess and caan imagine the intenisty involved. I've been at small chess tournaments and you could cut the ...

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Hot for Bodyguard

review by missalicia2013

I love how deeply crafted this story is. It has layers. I knew nothing about chess and frankly still don't yet I was able to follow the storyline and enjoy the premise of the book! It is very well told. I honestly couldn't put the book down once I picked ...

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Bodyguards are extremely sexy!!

review by DarjanaBRose

Who knew chess could be so sexy? Grace is amazing, but Sam makes her more amazing. She makes him stronger and less cut and dry. Professionalism went out the window when they first saw each other, it just took them a few days of being around each other to realize ...

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A Romance with a Different

review by ForTheLoveofFictionalWorlds

Did someone say Bodyguards? Did someone say HOT bodyguards?? Sign me up baby!! ;) I have to say the only (well the major reason) for requesting this ARC was that I really wanted a slice of the Hot Bodyguards virtually - since I ain't famous enough to warrant a real ...

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This is my first book by Molly Joseph, it will not be my last.

review by Appyt-Teresa

Grace is a Grandmaster chess champion in need of a personal bodyguard. Sam takes the job. Living in such close quarters, it doesn't take long for an attraction to develop between the two. Sam tries hard to keep his distance as professionalism is at stake. A very intriguing romance, Pawn ...

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My first review - what a GREAT book!!

review by wickedgoodreads

WOW! Where do I start with this one.... I LOVED IT! Pawn is the story of Sam (Salim) Knight - a hot, hunk of bodyguard assigned by Ironclad to guard Grace Ann Frasier, a Chess grandmaster who is in the finals of the Chess World Championships. She is the first ...

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Pawn - An erotic chess story!!

review by Nikkibunny47

Hmmm, I love this author but for me this just wasn't my cup of tea. I t was well written but I have zero interest in chess so it just wasn't my favourite.

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Never thought Chess could be so exciting

review by medicwife7714

When I got this book, I knew it was about bodyguards, but with a name like Pawn and knowing what Annabel Joseph normally writes, this was not what I expected. True to her other books, it was great, though. I enjoyed seeing how in-depth the chess world is. We always ...

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