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Oceans Apart

Surfed straight into my heart

read this cover-to-cover today. Yes, it was THAT awesome! I love how Cam and Annie meet. I also like how neither one of them is looking for anything special, but find their forever. Family is pretty much a foreign thing to Annie, while Cam has always been surrounded by his ...

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Animal Prints

Good, clean, fun romance

I'm volunteering to take in strays, too, if Ian Kroft can be one of them. He seems like a genuine sweetheart. Collie is a cutie, too. I love how close her family all is and how they close ranks around each other. This was a really good love story. Sex ...

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Maid for the Rock Star

Check out a new twist on a rock star romance

This book is really cute! You HAVE to read it all to really get it. If you do, then it is actually so sweet you smile as you think back on different parts of the book. Many times I wanted to smack Jay. I liked Audra from the get-go. Penny ...

full review

Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

Check and mate!

Grace is a Grand Master of Chess. Sam is her close bodyguard. Flickers of a fire start almost immediately. This was a fun read, especially for someone who loves the game of chess and caan imagine the intenisty involved. I've been at small chess tournaments and you could cut the ...

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