a review of Oceans Apart by wheeldav

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Surfed straight into my heart

read this cover-to-cover today. Yes, it was THAT awesome! I love how Cam and Annie meet. I also like how neither one of them is looking for anything special, but find their forever. Family is pretty much a foreign thing to Annie, while Cam has always been surrounded by his family's love and support. His brother's situation is sad, but I loved his little guy. Cam's parents are great, as is his sister. I like Kirby, too. I'm interested in learning more about his best mate, Matt, and if there is something between he and Sea. I could envision this story and felt like I was watching a movie while reading - I got that involved and lost in the book. I love the beach, but have never been to Australia. However, I could picture the places they were quite easily. Totally will read this author again and look forward to book 2 in this series.

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