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I am an avid reader, a wife, mother and grandmother. I enjoy riding horses, playing with my Dachshunds as well as my grandchildren.
Reading has always been a part of my life. If I wasn't otherwise engaged I could be found with a book under my nose. Once I acquired a Kindle Fire my world of reading opened to a new level. No need to hold a flashlight when reading in the dark.. :)
I enjoy reading both well established and new authors. I especially enjoy reading for reviews. I have not failed to leave a review in some time and absolutely for a read/review book entrusted to me.


  • Alpha Male (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Contemporary (Romance (Fiction))
  • Clean Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Older Woman / Younger Man (Romance (Fiction))
  • Older Man / Younger Woman (Romance (Fiction))
  • M / F (Romance (Fiction))
  • Time Travel (Romance (Fiction))
  • Westerns (Romance (Fiction))
  • Suspense (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romantic Comedy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Paranormal (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fiction
  • Mystery (Romance (Fiction))
  • Military (Romance (Fiction))
  • Historical (Romance (Fiction))
  • Futuristic & Science Fiction (Romance (Fiction))
  • Virginal Heroines (Romance (Fiction))
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Fiction)
  • Fantasy (Fiction)


  • Small Town Hero (Romance (Fiction))
  • Time Travel (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • Second Chances (Romance (Fiction))
  • Innocent Bad Girl (Romance (Fiction))
  • Instant Attraction & Imprinting (Romance (Fiction))
  • Friendly Enemy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fish Out Of Water (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fling (Romance (Fiction))
  • Ugly Duckling (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Boss (Romance (Fiction))
  • Enemies to Lovers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Falling For Savior (Romance (Fiction))
  • Different Worlds (Romance (Fiction))
  • Brides (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Baby on the Doorstep (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs (Romance (Fiction))
  • Amnesia (Romance (Fiction))
  • Arranged Marriage (Romance (Fiction))
  • Accidental Pregnancy (Romance (Fiction))
  • Revenge (Romance (Fiction))
  • One Night Stand (Romance (Fiction))
  • Matchmaker (Romance (Fiction))
  • Marriage of Convenience (Romance (Fiction))
  • Kidnapping (Romance (Fiction))
  • Office Romance (Romance (Fiction))
  • Mistaken Identity (Romance (Fiction))
  • Millionaire Playboy (Romance (Fiction))


  • Tycoons / Moguls (Romance (Fiction))
  • Police Officers (Romance (Fiction))
  • Pirates (Romance (Fiction))
  • Monsters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Mutants (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bikers & Motorcyclists (Romance (Fiction))
  • Military Men (Romance (Fiction))
  • Playboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aliens (Romance (Fiction))
  • Aristocrats (Romance (Fiction))
  • Assassins (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bosses (Romance (Fiction))
  • Businessmen (Romance (Fiction))
  • Demons & Devils (Romance (Fiction))
  • Cowboys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Fighters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Doctors (Romance (Fiction))
  • Highlanders (Romance (Fiction))
  • Ghosts (Romance (Fiction))
  • Knights (Romance (Fiction))
  • Bad Boys (Romance (Fiction))
  • Vikings (Romance (Fiction))
  • Baseball Players (Romance (Fiction))
  • Spies (Romance (Fiction))
  • Shapeshifters (Romance (Fiction))
  • Actors (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaires (Romance (Fiction))
  • Artists (Romance (Fiction))


  • Near Future (Romance (Fiction))
  • Far Future (Fiction)
  • Courtship (Romance (Fiction))
  • Billionaire Lifestyle (Romance (Fiction))
  • Farms & Ranches (Romance (Fiction))
  • Rural (Romance (Fiction))
  • Urban (Romance (Fiction))
  • Modern World (Romance (Fiction))
  • Medieval World (Romance (Fiction))
  • Dungeons & Prisons (Romance (Fiction))
  • Castles & Courts (Romance (Fiction))

Tainted Kiss

Tainted Kiss is a page turner

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Tainted Kiss". Arawn, the leader of an elite warrior faction lost his soul mate hundreds of years ago.. He shut himself off emotionally and lives for his duty. Ria is a warrior under Arawn's command. They have had a mutual attraction tho neither acts on it. ...

full review

Binding Ecstasy

Setta Jay has written an awesome series

The 6th in a series of awesome hot paranormal "Guardians". I know they should be read in order for the best continuation of the series understanding. Having said that, I have not read them in order tho they are all in my TBR for Review list. Regardless of that faux ...

full review

Waking Kiss

Ballerina, Ashleigh Keaton meets sexy stranger, Liam Wilder backstage

Ballerina, Ashleigh Keaton meets sexy stranger, Liam Wilder backstage at the London City Ballet. Rushing to get her toe shoes when ordered to take over the prima ballerina role onstage and freaking out when she finds the door locked Ashleigh's day is saved when Liam forces the door open. Later, ...

full review

Wicked Satyr Nights

A wonderful first book in a series of standalone reads.

This book was so much fun to read.. We get Dr Katerina Silverton, a zoologist hired by a rich CEO of a film company to look into evidence of the fabled Jersey Devil. Kat takes the job in order to fund future "real" research jobs. Pan, the "Jersey Devil" is ...

full review

Ink Deep

5.0 out of 5 stars A soul touching love story between Corbin, a tormented man and Briony a survivor

This is a beautiful love story between Corbin, a tormented tattoo artist and Briony, a woman who survived a horrible fire when she was a child. Corbin is fighting a terminal illness the only way he knows how. He wants to immortalize his art on a clean sheet(tattoo on skin ...

full review

Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

This is my first book by Molly Joseph, it will not be my last.

Grace is a Grandmaster chess champion in need of a personal bodyguard. Sam takes the job. Living in such close quarters, it doesn't take long for an attraction to develop between the two. Sam tries hard to keep his distance as professionalism is at stake. A very intriguing romance, Pawn ...

full review

Dire Straits

Going undercover is not easy when you hate Bloodguzzlers..

First in a series of stories about Bo Blackman, a rookie PI. On a routine assignment she becomes embroiled in dark and treacherous plot. Her life is threatened along with others around her. In an attempt to solve the murder mystery she goes undercover into the world of vampires. Not ...

full review