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I am a teacher and a mum of two. I have always loved reading and devour books at record speed. I love a good friends to lovers, actor/ normal gal story. I enjoy a thriller romance, pretty much any genre apart from biker!


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Strength (Mark of Nexus, 1)

Strength to Strength

An enjoyable romance/paranormal read. Thanks for giving me he opportunity to read it. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys paranormal with a hint of romance.

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Taunt Me (Rough Love Part Two)

More W and Chere!!

Book 2 started off with a very different Chere. Two and a half yrs have passed and Chere is at uni, has here own place and is no longer an escort. Physically she hasn't seen or heard from W at all since their last none meeting. I really enjoyed the ...

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Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards 1)

Pawn - An erotic chess story!!

Hmmm, I love this author but for me this just wasn't my cup of tea. I t was well written but I have zero interest in chess so it just wasn't my favourite.

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Master's Flame

Passion in a cage!!

Wow!!! Michel the Master!!! Wasn't sure this was really my cup of tea, Valentina was a complete woman whore!! She was sexually aggressive and pretty much went through every man in the whole circus!! She certainly wasn't picky but she wanted the Master himself, despite knowing he had dark preferences. ...

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Torment Me (Rough Love Part One)

Definitely rough love!!

Wow!! I have read a few of Annanbel's books before ( loved the ballet and circus themed books) so I was really looking forward to this. Torment me was a cracking read, darkly delicious, I really didn't like 'W'. He was borderline depraved, his use of a here's body blew ...

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