Ink Deep

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Don't forget your tissues

review by paigeturner1000

This isn't my typical read but I'm so glad I read this. This is a beautiful love story. While the author warned us what we are about to read I wasn't prepared for the their story. I loved the relationship between Corbin and Briony. He was able to see her ...

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A Beautiful Story

review by Kumiko_Lei

Just from reading the synopsis, you pretty much get that you will need tissues for this one. I'm not sure what to say about this. The cover and title intrigued me, the synopsis screamed "feels", so I said yes and proceeded to read. I mean, yeah, on the surface I ...

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I wanted to like it, but...

review by Purple@WayTooHotBooks

The thing that attracted me the most to this book is the author's note stating that this is a "reimagined version of Beauty and the Beast, readers should expect a happy ending that doesn't follow a HEA as expected in a traditional romance." Add to that the intriguing description of ...

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5.0 out of 5 stars A soul touching love story between Corbin, a tormented man and Briony a survivor

review by Appyt-Teresa

This is a beautiful love story between Corbin, a tormented tattoo artist and Briony, a woman who survived a horrible fire when she was a child. Corbin is fighting a terminal illness the only way he knows how. He wants to immortalize his art on a clean sheet(tattoo on skin ...

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For HEA's aren't always Conventional!!

review by ForTheLoveofFictionalWorlds

Beauty and the Beast in reverse. A scarred beauty and an arrogant beast. A beauty who has struggled through pain, trauma and the over protectiveness of parents. A beast who has just been given notice on his life. And when Beauty and the Beast intersect, you have to know that ...

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A Bittersweet Love Story

review by Dhelmken88

Really a 3.5. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review on This book is an interpretation of a "Beauty and the Beast" story. In this case, the beauty has the attitude of a beast, and the beast has the heart of a ...

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Not Your Classic Beauty and the Beast

review by Edenista

In this lovely retelling of a classic fairy tale, Briony Carmichael is as sweet as Belle but her beauty is marred by scars born from a childhood tragedy. Meanwhile, Corbin Franklin is definitely a beauty with the personality of a beast. The two meet when a friend of Briony tells ...

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Review of Ink Deep

review by Carolinasongbird

As a child, Briony was in a horrific car accident that caused third degree burns over 87% of her body. The reactions of her loved ones has convinced her that her scars make her an unlovable monster. She hides in her apartment to avoid the reactions of the world. Tattoo ...

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Unique but could have been better.

review by AmyLeigh

This adult romance is a modern fairytale retelling with a very unique premise. After reading the first chapter I almost stopped reading because despite his situation Corbin disgusted me. Briony was a much better character overall and not the gorgeous heroine most stories have. She really is strong and brave. ...

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review by sgt103114

I don't know whose pain I felt more, Briony or Corbins. I am glad they both got to experience love even if only for a moment.

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