totally engrossing

This series gets better and better. This book is totally engrossing, heartbreaking, humorous, sexy, interesting and full of love and emotion.

This is Daphne the Nymph and Melancton's book and it's good!

The story is mainly in present day but has the odd flash back to help the story along. In the previous book Melancton made a noble sacrifice one he is pained over. No need to worry Hemes my favourite God is about and he loves interfering in the best way.

Melancton, I really liked his strong beliefs, his very old time though, loyal, loving and sexy when he lets go, his very controlled for a Satyr! The others are in awe of his control.

Daphne, what she's been through is awful, but she's still so strong and and her feelings for Melancton haven't ever waivered, nor has her need for him sexually.

We get what we all wanted two lovers reunited, they've been apart a while now so have a whole lot of rekindling to do and not just in the bedroom department!

If life was easy that would be it, but no, we have a god on the war path, so it's a rocky road, full of drama.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was that this book feature the Aegon inn with prince Vander, Calix, Jacen and Oresto. They are such entertaining characters, all with strong personalities.

I really got lost in the book, the writing and story was fabulous, so many new little trails were made and when I spotted name of next book it put a big smile on my face.

** Five Satyr stars **

I grabbed a copy of this book from a review site, I forget I had pre ordered a copy!! I'm not returning paid copy though as I really enjoyed this book.