Classical Kink

Another fun read from Annabel Joseph. I really love it when she releases a new book, especially when it's this kinky.

Friends for years, thinking they knew everything about each other, Alice was in for a big surprise when she stumbled on Milo's in home dungeon. Even more so when she had a sit down with Juliet and Ella. A whole new world was presented to her and with that, a completely different side of Milo. So while they had known mostly everything about each other, they still had more ground to cover and that made this romance fun. Because friends to lovers is always fun, but friends to lovers with added kink? Best!

Still, Dangerous Control felt only kind of dangerous. Don't get me wrong, it's kinky... really kinky. But for all of Milo's insistence that he's dangerous and a massive sadist, he felt kind of tame compared to Fort. And maybe this is just me being picky because still, after the three books are now done, Fort and Juliet's book is still my favorite of the series. But! I really enjoyed this a lot. I think the things I enjoyed the most was when Milo finally let his guard down and he and Alice could just be. They worked well together in so many areas of their relationship that it wasn't hard to believe that they'd be able to work through Milo's worries over hurting Alice.

There is a really beautiful romance that occurs throughout the book that had me addicted to it. The romance of the music, of Milo, of his violin making skills. The way Alice and Milo related to the music and how that in turn made them relate to each other. That romance is what was the best. It's what also made me love this as much as I did. The deep connection to music, and to the violin, they both shared was something that always brought them together, and it was something that helped them stay together.

If there is anything I'd wish for, it is that there was an Epilogue. I feel like I needed to see just a little bit more. Because Fort and Devin were making changes in their lives, and of course Milo. Plus, there were changes to be made at The Gallery. I would have liked to see how that played out. And also, to see a bit of the "after" with Fort and Juliet, Devin and Ella. They were important couples these stories and I would have loved to see all of them together, playing and just being great friends. But I'm kind of greedy like that.

ARC received via NovelReviewers in exchange for my honest review.