Hunky Pirate - yes please

When you wish upon a star, you never know it might come true and you get your own hunk of a sexy pirate!

Great read, Christophe is an interesting man, his funny as his a fish out of water in 2015, but his smooth too.

"I was confused, unsure of where I was. I reacted poorly, and I apologize more than you can ever know for insulting you. I know how mad it sounds." Pausing, he leaned forward. "Let me court you. If you wished me here, if we are soulmates...."

"How he longed to embrace her the way the calm, gentle laps of water rolled along her skin"

Serena is a tough one to convince, well that's no surprise, it would take a lot to convince me! She cant deny she fancies him, luckily Becky her mate is about to convince her to test him out...

Its an enjoyable read, I would have loved a little more at the ending, maybe an epilogue, then again maybe there's more to come?

4 stars

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