Edgy, titillating, intense, and extreme

Edgy, titillating, intense, and extreme are just a few words I can think of to describe this amazing book! If you have ever read a book by Annabel you know that she does not hold back. This book is about Rough Love. I thought I knew what that meant but I had no idea. It’s so intense and very erotic. It’s slapping, choking, and breath play sometimes till the person passes out. It’s all controlled. The Top/Dom is in total control the whole time. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it makes for an interesting story line if nothing else. Miss Kitty aka Chere is an escort, very high end escort, and she is very well liked for her skills. She is not the BDSM escort of choice. Her newest client goes by the name Mr. E.E. Cummings. Right away Chere can sense this new client is like nothing she has ever experienced before. He is intense and aggressive. He has rules and will not let her see him. He is a sadist through and through. She is sure she will not continue with him but she does. They begin a journey of hurt, pain, and pleasure that is so intense Chere is not sure she will ever be the same. Will she survive this client? Does she want to?