I was not impressed

It took me a while to read this book and review it. This was a free e-book given to me by Novelreviewers.com in exchange for a fair review.

I love vampires, they are my favorite monster. So, when I was approved for this book I was really excited. I did like that it was well written, the plot flowed nicely and everything was thoroughly explained as you read through it. If you are a fan of the Anita Blake Vampire series you may like this one. It is a bit different, but feels similar enough that it may resonate with that fan base.
One of the many issues I ran into while reading the book is that it seemed too saturated with mystical creatures. I understand that the author was trying to introduce us to an entire world in one regular length novel, however it feels like some of the characters are just tossed in there just to add more species. Also, it seems like 7 of my favorite books that were mashed together into one. Some of the sub plots and story lines remind me of the main plots of other vampire books that I have read. I can actually point to parts of the story and say “oh this is just like {insert popular supernatural series title here}”.

There are so many brothels, hookers/call girls, strip clubs and other establishments. The vampire culture in fiction is usually highly sexualized but these places seem entirely unnecessary for the plot other than to show that the main character is special and can gain access to places other people and vampires can’t. I don’t hate the main character, Alex Stone, but I don’t feel invested in her well-being either. I also think that the rate of speed that she connects with Jason is absurd. Especially after she put her foot down in the first meeting with him, then by the second encounter she had taken an almost completely different persona. It just didn’t work for me, as a reader.

The book felt forced to me and I didn’t enjoy it. That being said I don’t think it is a bad story. I feel that other readers may really enjoy this and disagree completely with my opinions. It just wasn’t a good choice for me.