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25. PA, USA. Mostly read YA fiction, but I also dabble in non-fiction about psychological issues.


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Superpowers and Snark

I really enjoyed this story. Even more than I anticipated. The cliffhanger and unexpected ending events left me craving more. I liked the superpower plot line, especially their limited usability. While the sudden "you're the only one for me" trope is overdone, I did enjoy the relational aspect between the ...

full review

Mind of the Phoenix

Wonderful read

This book was fantastic! The characters, sorry, and setting were all well written. I enjoyed getting to know Moira as a person and see both her and the detective become more open. The identity of the second villain was quite obvious to me right off the bat, and I find ...

full review

Three Dreams of Anne Frank

Interesting idea, very unpolished

Dreams are not a pleasant escape for Anne. This short story is disjointed and choppy, but the idea is interesting. The first dream was the most exciting and disturbing, which made getting through the other two a struggle. I think that this could become something great, but it is vastly ...

full review

The Children of Darkness

Nice world, lacking characters

I absolutely loved the premise of this book. Unfortunately, the characters were difficult to connect with. There was no gradual growth or change in the characters through the story. Instead, two of them remained flat while the third changed without warning. The romantic aspect was random, glazed over, and also ...

full review