In The Fairytale (In The Moments #3)

Author: Joan Duszynski

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In Every fairytale there's anger, hurt, and love. For Raleigh Jefferson her fairytale is no different.

Since she was a little girl, watching Snow White meet her prince as she frolicked through the forest, the idea of Happily Ever After was embedded in Raleigh's mind. Her heart skipped a beat over the Beast's love of Belle, and she knew she'd swim the ocean to save her black haired prince from drowning, even without a mermaid tail. Destiny and forever. She wouldn't settle for anything less.

She wasn't looking for a man to frolic in the forest for her. If she were to actually witness such a thing she'd probably smack the man for acting a fool. But she did want her own Cinderella story. She wanted to glide down the aisle in her own glass slippers toward the man she loved, the one who returned that love unconditionally.

She never knew how hard this dream of hers would be until she met Him. Will the truth of the world around her and the pain that can be carried in someone's heart be too much to handle, or can Raleigh find a way to truly live... In The Fairytale?


I finally finish up the graphic art design for the concert pages and practically run to my cubby and twist my number code into the lock. I grab my purse and as I reach in for my keys and phone I panic dumping the whole thing on the ground when I can’t find my phone anywhere. I still don’t see it amongst the mess of my purse’s insides so I scoop everything back up and drop it back in. I quickly make my way out to my car and start digging around everywhere for it but it’s nowhere to be found. I close my eyes playing the mental where’d I last see it game and that’s when I picture it on his bedside table. I start the car and look at the time and decide I have just enough time to go get it and get back before my break is over.
On my drive there the sky falls out and the rain is coming down fast. I have my wipers on full speed but as I turn onto his road and near his house there’s no mistaken as I watch him using his body to try and shield some of the rain from coming down on top of the woman he’s leading inside of his home. I feel like my heart literally breaks free from the arteries that keep everything going and just drops into my stomach as the acids eat away at it. Just like that I feel broken and I know that I’d gone and done it. I’d put my heart into it with him and that beast just ripped it out and swallowed it whole.
I stop right in the middle of the road in front of his home and all I can see is the rain beating down on a silver car I’ve never seen before parked in front of his garage and then the kitchen light flick on inside of his home. I know I should move on but it feels like I’ve lost all control of myself and I want to ram my car into the silver one and see if I can make it bullet its way through his garage slamming into his Impala and hurt him maybe just a little compared to the way he’s just hurt me. Instead I just scream and pound my fist into the steering wheel before driving away. The bastard can keep my phone for all I care. He already stole my heart so what difference does it really make.
I somehow make my way back to work even though it was practically impossible to see through my tears and the rain. I walk around the building and toward the door as the rain pours down on top of me and the tears continue to fall from my eyes. As soon as I walk inside Shelia takes one look at me and I can see the concern in her face and all I can do is run for the bathroom as the pain I’ve been feeling in my stomach starts to make its way up and out into the trash can as soon as push through the door.

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If at all possible I'd like reviews posted on Amazon and /or Goodreads. If you want teasers or anything for blog posts please message me and I'll get you what you need.

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