Mutation Series Combined: (Novella I, II, III)

Author: Donjaline Hope

Publisher: Self-Published


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Watch as society transforms from homo-sapiens to the mutations of the future. All of which takes place while the selected pure humans sleep safely inside their sleeping pods in the arc. This book includes all three Novellas from the Mutation Series.

The Change (Novella 1): What happened to society while the uncorrupted DNA of humanity slept safely inside their Ark? How did humanity get from homo-sapiens to aberrations? What if your neighbor started to suddenly change? Watch the journey of humanity as the world around them changes and mutates. I can't wait to share my story with you! This series begins with the journey of #305 while he kicks off the change!

Genocide (Novella 2): Detective Oliver Martinez, better known as Fang, must transverse the obstacles of living in a society where mutations are starting to spring up with more regularity. When the CDC gets involved and the government starts rounding people up, there can be no good outcomes. What will happen to society?

The Beginning of the End (Novella 3): Fang is still struggling to find the balance between his mutation and society's need to destroy all mutations. With the increase in violence from both sides, what will happen in the end? Find out what Dr. Hollow's medical experimenting has led to. Will it be the new cure to cancer or further mutation strands? There is so much to learn before the end is upon us!


This series looks at how society changes through genetic mutation into something different. As humans adapt over time, they physically and mentally change for the best chance of survival. As you read through this series you will see a time lapse and see the journey (starting in novella 2) of Detective Oliver Martinez (or Fang). You will see how society reacts to these people that are "different"- going as far as to quarantine them and lock them up. Human experimentation in the name of science plays a role, and when the "lab rats" escape from their captivity in novella 3, all manor of hell breaks loose.


(From Novella 3, during Fang's captivity)

The thud, thud, thud of the wheels woke Fang from his fitful dreams. He couldn’t remember any dreams in the past several years, but this one was crystal clear. Medical experiments gone wrong was all he could think to describe the creatures that haunted the lingering memories of sleep. Something about the way they moved made them feel so real. Were they simply in his imagination or were they real- somehow conjured to life now that his brain wasn’t so sluggish? He could still feel the rake of the claws rubbing down his goose-bump covered skin. Wiping the sweat from his face, he peeked out the single, tiny window in the room. The lights in the hall were on full blast making his eyes hurt. Blinking, he tried to focus on the familiar sound of the gurney being rolled past. Hoping to get a glimpse at another person, he squinted harder. Had his hearing improved yet again? The gurney was nowhere in sight, but he could hear the wheels slapping the ground with threats of torment and torture. Each thud was like a knife blade poking at him and the cuts went deep. Rubbing the injection sites on his arm, the thick venom that had clouded his brain seemed to disappear. Even the sites themselves seemed scab over and ancient. So lost in his own thoughts, he had almost missed his chance to see who was rolling past.

"Such a waste," one of the men was whispering. Every fiber of Fang's being stood at attention as he dared to peek out the small window of his cell. There was no one flopping around on the gurney. No sounds of protest or whimpers. There should have been something after a round with the doctor. Even if it was just the vibration of the meds taking effect within the body, there should have been movement. Instead, he saw the limp body of a girl. It had been carelessly draped with a single sheet. Her hair spilled out beneath the flimsy material and over the side in danger of being wrapped in the squeaky wheels. Her fingers dangled towards the ground like swollen earthworms. Her veins bulged out from the blood that had pooled and settled in their tips. What had they done to the girl? There was no doubt in his mind that she was dead!

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Marketing Plan

I am looking for reviews on Amazon if possible or feedback about the novel. Happy reading!

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This is a novel that was converted over after the close of Kindle Worlds- I would like to make sure that everything flows and makes sense with the changes I have made. Please let me know if there is something missing.

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