No Choice

Author: Mel Todd

Publisher: Bad Ash Publishing

ISBN: 9780990518242

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Doing your duty isn't a choice, even if you become a cougar.

Police officer McKenna Largo becomes a viral video star when her shifting into a cougar and back is captured on video and uploaded. Dealing with bank robbers as a cat is one thing, becoming the most famous person on Earth isn't as easy to handle.

McKenna becomes the unwilling poster child for the two percent of the population experiencing the wild side. She would much rather go back to routine traffic stops. Trying to balance this new reality proves futile as her newfound fame complicates her life both personally and professionally. She struggles to do her job and refuses to be a pawn in other peoples games, but the shifting abilities bring new opportunities for friends and enemies.

McKenna swore an oath to perform the duties of her job to the best of her ability. But when everything goes wrong in the worst way, she'll find out what price she'll pay to protect the innocent and do her duty, even if she becomes an animal.

When the world goes crazy and you’re at the center, all you can do is hold onto what is important. Your duty, your friends, and yourself. And if you’re lucky, those who hurt the ones you love will pay in blood.


When 2% of the world changes into various animals, Police Officer McKenna Largo finds herself in the center of it when a video of her shifting, killing two bank robbers, and then shifting back goes viral. With her superiors, media, and random strangers paying attention to her, she just wants to go back to being cop. When new friends enter her life she starts to think maybe this isn't so bad. Until everything goes to hell.

Tagged As:


  • Fiction
  • Fantasy (Fiction)


  • Shapeshifting & Changing (Fantasy (Fiction))
  • World Building (Fantasy (Fiction))



  • Modern World (Fiction)

Publisher Notes

This is book one in my new series Kaylid Chronicles, it will be released June 8th on Amazon exclusively. This is urban science fiction, with no romance plot lines.

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