ONE: Sex & Lies

Author: Victoria Catherine

Publisher: Write For Whiskey Press

ISBN: 978-1512245202

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Boy sees girl, boy procures a way into girl's office, girl slaps boy, girl screws boy. The story of Natalie and Eric is fun, sexy, and complicated. Natalie, the owner of the Chicago based elite and kinky matchmaking service One, has a one track mind to retire in Italy...and soon. She's not looking for complications, but life has other plans. Eric, on the other hand, just wants to make the panties drop. When Natalie waltzes into his life, he gets much more than he bargained for.


I notice her staring at me, her eyes zeroing in on just the right parts. She grins and says "On your knees Mr. Marks, let’s see if that smooth tongue of yours is the real deal or all shit."
I lower myself in front of her, licking my lips as I bring her thigh over my shoulder. I trace my tongue over the thin lace of her panties, making sure to grab her hand as it tries to control my pressure. Holding her firmly in place; teasing her clit with my stiffened tongue, making sure the lace is wet and rough against it. I feel her thigh gripping on my shoulder and I grab a fist full on those soaking panties ripping them off at the sides. She stiffens, and know she is ticked about her obviously expensive underwear.
"Hush", I say directly into her pussy, "it's replaceable."
I admire her perfect little landing strip for only a moment before taking a dive in deep. My tongue lapping softly at her pulsing clit; fingers slipping in and curling inside of her. Natalie is trembling and adorably trying to hold on. Not tonight Ms. Parker. I flick her clit faster, steady and concentrated. Never stopping; not pausing for a second. When I finally hear the most delicious moan ever heard, I press my tongue directly on her clit, holding it there, letting her thrust and ride the wave. I grab hold of her other thigh, making her straddle my face, letting her have the control so she can fuck my face until she decides to come down. A minute or two later, Nat finally starts to settle and I can tell she is trying to get her feet onto the floor. I know what she is trying to do but that is not happening tonight.
"No, baby. Tonight, I want that pussy. I told you, this is going to last longer than just tonight; you can suck my cock tomorrow perhaps." I give her a cocky grin for the last part.
Before she can object, I stand up. My hands pushing her back slowly on the counter, making sure those fantastic legs stay firmly on my shoulders. Mentally I thank the contractor of this kitchen island, it's the perfect height. I don't want to move from this spot but I need a condom. As if reading my mind, she slowly pulls one from her bra. Sure, I could make a smart ass comment as to why she has a condom in her bra when all she was supposed to be doing was meeting me for coffee and going to the movies with her girls, but right now I have a glistening cunt inches away from my dick. Nope, I don't give a shit right now. I take it from her, rolling it on with lightning speed and plunge in.
Sweet Jesus! Hold on Eric. No, you will not cum yet, you will not blow your load upon entry. Seriously, pussy isn't supposed to feel this good, this is some mythological shit. I hold still, praying she doesn't start to move. I’m trying to think of every non sexy thing possible but how can I when I have this beautiful woman wrapped around me, her pussy enveloping me, and her big brown eyes staring at me as she trembles. Baseball, politics, losing a case. One thing I shouldn’t concentrate on are her lace covered tits heaving up and down.
Once I move on from my adolescent moment, I begin. I let her legs fall to the side and I roughly pull down her bra to releases her tits. DD? F’s? Do they go higher than F! I grab the edge of the island by her head and lean in, burying my face in those alphabets, nibbling, sucking, flicking I don’t care because I think I’m losing it. Some kind of way I have managed to pulls away from her mounds and our mouths meets. I can feel her moans on my tongue and I moan right back.
It’s too much. The tension and the lust explodes and I release every second of it from the past few weeks. Fucking her harder, pounding her pussy with deep, sharp thrusts, and losing myself as she screams words not found in any dictionary. Her nails are assaulting my back, her legs now wrapped around my waist tighter, pulling me in further that I thought possible. My mouth settles on her neck and I let out grunts as if I'm connecting with my spirit animal. I can't stop, every thrust in her warm pussy makes me go for more, and I feel delirious with sweat dripping and muscles aching.
"Eric! Fuck yes, Get that pussy!!"
I hear her slap her hands on the marble counter top then feel as her pussy clenches around my cock like a vice. My vision is instantly blurry. I can tell you this, if any words are trying to come out of my mouth they are pure gibberish. Is it possible to have a sex stroke? That's it. I'm leaving this world a happy man, because I swear life cannot get any better than this moment. I grab fistfuls of her hair and I cum hard. I'm talking seizure, ugly face, hard. I collapse right there; face full of tit, a quivering pussy still wrapped around me, a racing heartbeat in my ear, and a gentle hand caressing my head. I’m never quitting this.

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  • Fiction
  • Romance (Fiction)
  • African American, Multicultural, Interracial (Romance (Fiction))
  • Erotica (Romance (Fiction))


  • Matchmaker (Romance (Fiction))



  • Modern World (Fiction)

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