Training Lady Townsend

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Historical DD lovers dream series!

review by Mistik

3-4 stars. Adult Historical Domestic Discipline Novel. Hunter Lionel, Marquiss of Townsend, discipline OTK (over the knee) addict is to marry Lady Aurelia, the virginal sheltered woman. Among other things, he will bend her over his knee, sodomize her and ask her to suck his c**k. Whats there not to ...

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Sweet Submission

review by missalicia2013

Lady Aurelia was promised to Lord Townsend as a baby. They have never spent any time together. They don't even know what the other looks like. Lord Townsend is well known for his activities around town with unsavory ladies of the night. Once married his father-in-law makes sure all his ...

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Take time to travel to 1790 England for this tale

review by DianeScraps

Training Lady Townsend is the first in the Properly Spanked, which is a series of four books. As the series title implies this book does including spanking and male domination. The author does an amazing job of transporting you back to 1790's England throughout the book. The Lord Townsend is ...

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Looking Forward to Reading the Rest of the Series

review by Edenista

Though the beginning was slightly discomforting, overall it was lovely watching Hunter and Aurelia fall in love and evolve as characters over the course of the story. It was well written, perfectly paced and had excellent character development. I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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Good story, I just didn't "get" it

review by medicwife7714

I didn't hate this book, but it wasn't a page turner for me. Part of that is just because spanking by itself isn't really a thing for me. I loved watching the evolution of their relationship, but at the same time, I just couldn't identify with it. It is a ...

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never knew people back then could be so kinky

review by Joannchimi

Training lady Townsend (properly spanked #1) As always I love Annabel Joseph and her wild sexy crazy imagination! This is not really the type of book that I am accustomed to read am not really into historical romance; but really I quite liked it I thought it was very sexy ...

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Spicy historical

review by Aly_Megeara

It was a very fun story, as all stories from Annabel Joseph. I liked how Hunter helped Aurelia enjoy life and have fun, though he was an asshole about things from time to time... Aurelia ended up being a great heroine, confident in herself and in what she wanted. They ...

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