Seven Souls

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Paranormal mystery

review by readerfromoz

Phoebe Harris is a police detective with an unusual skill. She is able to read past events and feelings through touch. This has been useful to her in her job and her partner, Charlie accepts that she has this unusual ability and has come to rely on her use of ...

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Good start to a new series

review by caper121

Phoebe is a police detective with special abilities she has had since she had an accident as a child. Simply put, when she touches some things, she gets a reading off them. Her parents went to great lengths throughout her life to help her and to shield her abilities. While ...

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Honest-to-goodness paranormal mystery!

review by pabu_reads

From Chapter 1, I immediately bonded with Stark's writing style. Her writing has just enough detail to provide a good framework while allowing for the reader's mind to fill in the blanks. The entire tone of the book was sharp and gritty, which balanced out the more abstract supernatural aspects. ...

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Great debut novel, Looking forward t oreading the rest of the series!!

review by Carolinasongbird

Detective Phoebe Harris has the ability to read memories or emotions with a touch. It has helped her and her partner, Charlie, to expose and capture murderers and other criminals. Then, after an encounter with a psychic child, she begins to suffer from blackouts and "lost time" and hearing a ...

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Could Be Better

review by mortimerknits

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. The first installment in the Harrow series, Seven Souls, welcomes readers to Harrow, GA where police detective Phoebe Harris uses her gift of psychometry to solve crimes. One psychic child and a car accident later, Phoebe has a voice ...

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"You won't die tonight"

review by marena.youngs

Seven Souls starts off strong with a child predicting an accident but telling the victim she will not die. All of this quickly comes to pass and then the story slows down as it develops the characters and introduces the setting. I could see some readers not being able to ...

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